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Sports Massage

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David Sheppard: BA, 

BTEC 6 Sports and Clinical Massage, 

APPI Pilates Instructor


I thought it might be worth penning a few lines to clarify the situation within the world of hands-on therapy for my dear cherished clients and friends that I work with in these strange strange times.

I’m in lockdown, as we all are, and I’m respecting the government guidelines, which are clearly laid out in law, not just because of the public health implications, but also because there are legal implications to my practice. What is different from the first lockdown, however, is that through hard work over many years, my professional body the SMA (Sports Massage Association) along with others, have had our degree-level qualifications (BTEC 4 and 5 at foundation level and 6 at degree level) recognised alongside other essential services.

What this means is that they have acknowledged that I am trained in critical thinking and more pertinently clinical reasoning and that if there is a significant medical need for hands-on treatment then I am still able to help you. This may be pain, mobility issues, or levels of stress that impact your ability to function normally. Through a telephone or video consultation, we will establish the best course of action. With some, this may be hands-on treatment, but with others, it may be appropriate to offer rehabilitation, self-care, or ongoing virtual support.

My clinic at my home studio is not covered by the new regulations, so for the time being I have to close my Sandy clinic. I am, however, able to continue using The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living.

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