Safety and Precautions

I wanted to reassure all my clients that I am running my clinic mindful of our present Covid situation, and am tending to err on the side of caution. Mask wearing, PPE, cleaning, rapid flow testing, ventilation and use of a HEPA/UVC filter (homedics) continues as it has since I returned to work last year.

Alongside rapid flow or PCR testing, I also ask that my clients keep me informed of any upper respiratory tract or flu-like symptoms they may be experiencing so that I can manage the space, and keep myself and clinically vulnerable clients as safe as possible. Canceling or rescheduling may be necessary, or organising clients so that the more vulnerable have the first appointment of the day. I am waiving my late cancellation fee in these circumstances.

By David

Massage therapist and writer of articles! Skeptical not cynical. Looking for ways to help my clients in the most efficient way - and share thoughts and research!

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